PB²: Donors Decide

PBP practices what we preach. Each year, we hold our own PB process we call “PB Squared.” We invite all of our individual donors to decide how a portion of their donations is spent.

We begin by collecting ideas for how to improve and expand PB. Then, we work with our PBP community to develop these ideas into proposals. Finally, our donors vote for their top projects, and we implement those with the most votes. See past funded projects here.

Projects have to meet the following criteria to be eligible for funding:

  • Be of benefit to local PB processes or campaigns in multiple locations, not just one city
  • Be specific, measurable, and require funds to be implemented
  • Be feasible for PBP to implement in the next year
  • Cost no more than $10,000

Current phase

Ideas collection

Post an idea

Map of Ideas