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Produce guidance on PB for Trusts, Foundations, or Private Philanthropy

Jez Hall Jez Hall  •  2018-12-20  •  PB²

Understand why it is a good idea to spend their philanthropic/non profit funding through PB; either by contributing to an existing PB process (e.g. a schools/University based PB); to benefit a specific community (e.g. to mobilise community organisers to get people out from a specific demographic in a PB process, or to fund community action); or in other ways share the benefit of what they do with a community affected by their operations (for example mining or energy companies using PB as a way of 'paying back' for the enviornmental or other impacts of their operation from their profits.) Or even to reward innovation through a staff led PB, that could develop new projects within an organisation, or as a fundraising/donor engagement method pretty much like what PBP is doing here... Examples could be taken from the Q exchange to fund health innovators (in the UK) (https://q.health.org.uk/get-involved/q-exchange/) or to build in the work already being done on 'participatory grant making' (as in https://www.insidephilanthropy.com/home/2018/11/9/power-in-letting-go-how-participatory-grantmakers-are-democratizing-philanthropy)

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