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Update facilitator tools and suppliments - Dinnertime democracy

Shari Shari  •  2019-01-08  •  PB²

One of the biggests downfalls of scaling PB is having excellent facilitators in every space, but what if we could develop tools to empower ANYONE to be an excellent facilitaor? Meet the dinnertime democracy toolkit - a toolkit that connects to any phase of PB and makes it easy for folks to gather and talk democracy. The toolkit will feature simple prompting discussion questions, opportunities to work on refining ideas and instructions on how to submit or reecord an idea for submission. While no two PB processes are the same, the process for ideating and weighing choices around community needs are the same. I envision this tool focusing on those elements, but offering instructions and prompts to make conversation and open dialogue more approachable. 

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  • Shari
    Shari  •  Author  • 2019-02-19 20:48:01

    sounds like this might be combined with the Jackboxify idea from Ashley?

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