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Video introduction to Participatory Budgeting with foreign language subtitles

2019-05-06  •  Jim Labbe  •  PB²

So people could overcome language barriers to learning about participatory bugeting. The existing verion of the PBP's video introduction to participatory budgeting with spanish subtitles is super useful:


I low cost PB squared project might be to simply do the same for other languages. Most useful for me in my community would be Russian, Mandran Chinese, and Veitnamese. 

Perhaps a higher cost project could be to create a new introductory videos designed for different ethnic/langauge groups.







Video on PB in Elementary & Middle Schools

2019-03-23  •  unanimador  •  PB²

The PB in schools video is great, but it's very focused on high schools. As more elementary and middle schools get interested in PB, we need a short video to show how it works and why school leaders should try it. It should also show how PB can be used for parent engagement. This could maybe be a new version of the general PB video, or a separate one for lower grade schools. [idea came from another school parent]


Walk the Equity Talk

2019-02-28  •  jgodzeno  •  PB²

PBP does a great job compared to many organizations in advancing equity in our work AND in how we run things internally day to day. But we can always do better! Funds could be used to hire external consultants for training, coaching and/or evaluation to support PBP in further diversifying our staff and board representation, and improving policies that advance recruiting, retaining, and advancing a diverse team.

A key output for our broader constituency could be a blog post or short case study on what we learned, resournces we used (e.g., publicly available guides or blogs we found helpful), how we've changed. This can can be useful for organizations and agencies that are tackling broader equity efforts while launching and growing PB.


PB Conference Travel Fund

2019-02-28  •  jgodzeno  •  PB²

Just as PB excels at bringing outreach to the streets (let's go to the people instead of asking them to come to us!), PBP staff, board and network members should be more proactively presenting at convenings hosted by other influential organizations that reach our key audiences (vs./in addition to getting people to come to our events).

Strategic opportunities always come up throughout the year, but we and our advisors/partners often pass on them if it's not in the budget.   


Training series!

2019-02-26  •  Taylor Spratt  •  PB²

A training portal or series  -online, in person and/or via Skype, to train folks across the country to be able to start and lead PB discussions in their communities. This could include a series of trainings and webinars, and printed collateral for the new trainers to give to interested PB folks.


Youth Board Member Stipends or Scholarships

2019-02-26  •  Shari  •  PB²

PBP is beginning to focus on schools and wants to include more young people on its board and advisory board. This will allow the organization to be guided and shaped by some of the key folks that PBP is designed to empower. 


In order to set up a functional pipeline, I believe that we need support and resources for young people that are balancing this with other responsibilities. 


It would be great to work out what this could cover with the team. 


Toolkit: PB for Organization Budgets

2019-02-26  •  unanimador  •  PB²

Develop a toolkit that organizations can use to implement PB for their own budgets. Helping organizations run their own PB processes will empower their staff and community, and build capacity and awareness for PB. This project will enable other organizations to adapt the PB2 model that PBP has already developed.


PB Training Fund

2019-02-26  •  Shari  •  PB²

$10,000 TA services to an institution who meets specific equity criteria that is interested in serving as a pilot evaluation site. These funds would not cover PB project implementation but could support or supplement PBP's contracted services. 


I envision a space where interested agencies could apply and send in information about why their location or institution would be the best place to bring PB. 


PB swag for Democracy Ambasadors

2019-02-19  •  Shari  •  PB²

People are working hard to bring PB to funders, communities and institutions. It makes it easier to have the same messaging and legitimacy when we have some cool and uniform swag. It also allows our amplifiers to get excited about working with us while doing the work. We need to outfit our movement. 


Update facilitator tools and suppliments - Dinnertime democracy

2019-01-08  •  Shari  •  PB²

One of the biggests downfalls of scaling PB is having excellent facilitators in every space, but what if we could develop tools to empower ANYONE to be an excellent facilitaor? Meet the dinnertime democracy toolkit - a toolkit that connects to any phase of PB and makes it easy for folks to gather and talk democracy. The toolkit will feature simple prompting discussion questions, opportunities to work on refining ideas and instructions on how to submit or reecord an idea for submission. While no two PB processes are the same, the process for ideating and weighing choices around community needs are the same. I envision this tool focusing on those elements, but offering instructions and prompts to make conversation and open dialogue more approachable.